On a bright Sunday morning at 10:52 she laid there, just a child herself, both frightened and amazed at the same time, wondering how she was going to take care of me, but loving me more than was imaginable.


As I grew, I remember listening to her sing. Her voice was beautiful, soulful and hopeful, unlike the concrete jungle that surrounded us. Music was her great escape. Her way out of the hood. The path that would lead to the good life.

She took every opportunity that she could get to share her musical gift. We would travel to New York every weekend and she would sing in clubs. I was expected to stay in the dressing room or backstage, but sometimes I would stand at the corner of the stage just to get a glimpse of her. She looked so comfortable on stage. She was definitely in her element.


Slowly, things began to change. Life began to happen, and music was not enough to pay the bills. The every weekend adventures turned into infrequent day trips and then eventually they stopped.

Although the trek to musical euphoria was over for my mom, the journey was just beginning for me.


Growing up music wasn’t just a dream, it was a way of life. I used to listen to artist like Jay Z, 50 Cent, Beanie Siegel, Biggie Smalls, and Tupac. I spent late nights studying the way they put music and lyrics together. Amazed at their craft. I was born with a speech impediment, so at first me doing music was unbelievable. I remember just writing thoughts daily in a journal and turning them into lyrics. My mother used to walk in my room and see me with headphones on just listening to instrumentals. One day she bought me one of the best gifts ever, a karaoke machine. That day changed my musical trajectory and I began to feed my musical appetite! I was in that room for countless hours making my own mixtapes for the neighborhood kids to listen to. They weren’t the best, but I had a vision!


That vision has lead me to release two solo mixed tapes and one that is soon to be released, Timeless.

The road definitely has not been easy, but every bump has been worth it! I look forward to all of the peaks and valleys that are to come. I am encouraged by the quote by Benjamin Franklin which says, “You may delay, but time will not.”


Young Knox



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